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TheMeanBlog network urges to establish a connection among the people all over the country.

presently, TheMeanBlog is the biggest site in Urdu language and gives Urdu a distinguished identity all over the internet. it played a prominent role in the development and promotion of Urdu language. but keen observations have shown that other regional languages which have a pan-optic use all over the country, are neglected when it comes to the news making, article writing, and literature available on the internet. Considering the importance of regional linguistics, the founders moved towards the establishment of a multilingual website, the outcome of which has now popped out in the form of a site known as The Pakistan Point.

TheMeanBlog is currently producing content in only one language.  The content covers different aspects consisting of literature, news stories, articles, features, videos and lots more interesting stuff. We have always promoted truth through our content.  All you would have to do is to log in at TheMeanBlog where a world of information is waiting for you. you can also contribute to this site by sharing your precious thoughts in the form of articles or feature writing. All we want to do is to make good content available for the readers facilitating them in every possible regional language which is currently unavailable on the internet. you can also mention our lacking which would definitely help us to make this site finer and better.