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Balochistan’s best kept secret? A lagoon | Pakistan


Balochistan’s best kept secret? A lagoon | Pakistan

Most of us have probably never heard of Sonmiani, a coastal town in southwest Balochistan. Or heard tales of its post-card perfect lagoon.

Earlier this month, the WWF-Pakistan organised an exposure visit to the town’s most pristine and unspoiled locations. One of the trips was to Miani Hor, also known as Somiani Bay, a designated protected area, which is the ideal habitat for shorebirds, migratory and resident birds. Migratory species, such as the demoiselle and common cranes, arriving from Central Asia and Europe often stop here to rest. Hor is also host to three types of mangroves, which are roosting and breeding grounds for the local bird populations. This is also one of the few rare sites in Pakistan where flamingoes come to nest and raise their chicks.

Inside the shores, swim an estimated 80 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, a threatened species.

Here are some beautiful pictures of Sonmiani that prove that sometimes you don’t need to spend big bucks to discover the world’s wonders:

Balochistan’s best kept secret? A lagoon | Pakistan | TheMeanBlog

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