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Historical link between ‘Stone of Ismail’ and holy Kaaba – World


Historical link between ‘Stone of Ismail’ and holy Kaaba – World

  Last Updated On 14 November,2017 06:08 pm
Hijr-Ismail, a short wall arch that forms semi-circle, has been part of Kaaba throughout centuries

(Web Desk) – There is a historical link between ‘Stone of Islmail’, also known as Hijr-Ismail which is a short wall arch that forms semi-circle ahead of the holy stone, and Kaaba where millions of Muslims perform pilgrimage every year.

Scholars have argued that Hijr-Ismail is inseparable from Kaaba and is a major part of it. One such researcher who has studied the two holy mosques Al-Masjid al-Haram and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, Mohieddin al-Hashemi, believes that pilgrims are ritually obliged to circle around Kaaba with the Stone of Ismail as its part. This is what Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) taught us in his Hadiths, he told.

Hijr-Ismail has great significance for Muslims as traditions say that Prophet Ibrahim used to bring his son Ishmael and his sheep to rest there and planted Arak trees which are famous at the valleys of Mecca. It has many names in historical sources like stone or lap. Rain falls through Mizab on Kaaba’s surface and then onto Hijr-Ismail stone which gives it the name human lap.

Photo: Pilgrims circling around the holy Kaaba

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) called it wall or barrier because it was where idols were worshipped by before the advent of Islam. Kaaba was built on the same area where Hijr-Ismail was placed.

Researcher Al-Hashemi told that several Muslim caliphs have reconstructed the wall during their times. The historical site has been preserved from the times of Mohammad (PBUH).

The story was published in Al Arabiya English

Historical link between ‘Stone of Ismail’ and holy Kaaba – World | TheMeanBlog

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